Overseas Vacation Using a Credit Card?

If you have enough money, many people will definitely enjoy traveling abroad. Seeing the different cultures and customs, the different languages, enjoying the distinctive culinary as well as the beauties of other countries that are surely captivating can sound overwhelming. Just imagining it would be fun, right?

Make Financial Preparation Before Your Vacation Abroad

Make Financial Preparation Before Your Vacation Abroad

Even so, there are a lot of things to prepare for those who are in the process. Especially if your travel destination is to travel abroad. Not just logistics matters like plane tickets and hotel bookings, and accommodation procedures including passports and visas. You also need to set up stamina to prime physical stamina to travel. However, you also need to focus on one other important factor that is financial preparation.

The most frequently asked question is, which is better to make a transaction, using a credit card or cash for a vacation abroad? The answer depends on what your needs are. The more different your vacation plans are, the more financially prepared you are.

However, the most common consideration is this: the cash you carry in large quantities is insecure and very dangerous. The reason is, no one can guarantee your safety in the country of your travel destination. Learning from past cases, there are many tourists who are robbed and captured while traveling. And you don’t want that to happen to you either.

Meanwhile, other cases mentioned that there were also tourists whose money and belongings were stolen at his residence during the holidays. Be aware of this, especially if you are planning a vacation abroad. Making sure your travel destination is a safe area, including lodging, is one of the must-haves on your preparation list. Make sure your hotel reviews are highly recommended and are safe.

Customize Financial Preparedness with Itinerary

Customize Financial Preparedness with Itinerary

One of the things that can also be considered is how long you travel abroad. This holiday duration is related to the planning you have prepared on the itinerary. If it’s only 4 days to a week, you’re still advised to use cash only. But if it’s more than that, it’s a good idea to use a credit card to be more practical and secure.

Carrying cash on a short-term overseas trip is still a safe category, especially if you travel to only one country and not to marathons to multiple countries at once. The cash you bring should be the currency of the country you are traveling to.

You can still carry cash in the form of US dollars. Payment by cash transactions will be effective if belongs trip short and you’re just in a single country. However, the risk of losing or stealing cash is still very high.

Especially if you plan on traveling abroad for a long time you have a long and involved multiple countries at once. If you only had cash, it would have been very difficult since you would have to exchange different currencies first in each country.

Just imagine, how much foreign currency do you need to carry, as well as how much nominal cash you need to carry. It’ll be a hassle, right? That’s why bringing a credit card can be a lot more practical when traveling abroad.

Benefits of Carrying a Credit Card Over the Holidays Overseas

Benefits of Carrying a Credit Card Over the Holidays Overseas

Undeniably, traveling abroad will be much more practical and efficient when carrying a credit card to make transactions and payments. Some of the benefits of using a credit card can be as follows:

Lots of Interesting Deals

Various attractive deals are usually offered by credit card issuers. Make the most of it so that you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. From discounted prices to exciting deals at some well-known restaurants and airlines, it can be really helpful to have a great vacation.

More Practical and Safe

Visiting a country you’ve never visited before is certainly not without risk. Although a lot of preparation including finding out about the intricacies of the country has been done, it’s still not enough to make you look like a local.

This is where credit cards will help give you a sense of practicality and comfort during the holidays. With every payment including transportation, accommodation, and consumption, you can rely on credit cards and just bring in enough cash just in case. It can also save you from the risk of theft or loss of cash during your vacation abroad as there is no need to bring in a lot of cash.

Cash Backup

There will be plenty of needs to be met during the holidays. These include payment of entrance fees to certain tourist attractions such as grocery shopping, food purchases, transportation costs and more. With a credit card withheld, the cash you carry can be stored for emergency purposes and as a backup. For large transactions, you can use a credit card.

Comfortable and Practical Tips on Vacation Abroad

Comfortable and Practical Tips on Vacation Abroad

To be more specific, here are some tips you can apply during your vacation to make it more comfortable and practical.

Use the Money Belt

During a vacation trip, you’ll want to save your cash and credit cards in a safe place in order to avoid any form of criminal possibilities that could occur during the holidays. That’s why using a money belt will be safer for both your cash and your credit card.

However, keep some cash in other places such as in a suitcase and a briefcase as another form of anticipation. Be careful, you don’t want your credit card number to be cracked by irresponsible parties.

Choose the Best Credit Card

As the era of technology and technology advances in modern times, the choice of credit card types has increased. To support your travel lifestyle, you can take a credit card that offers more holiday deals. You can even choose a credit card specifically issued to travelers like you.

Of course, you’ll want to choose a credit card with the best value. This means that you choose the bank that issued the best exchange rate offer. The reason is, every bank has a different exchange rate for payments that use a foreign currency credit card. Therefore, for the best benefit, choose the best exchange rate offer.

Increase Credit Card Limit

Make sure you raise your credit card limit before going on vacation abroad. This is to anticipate when the credit card limit is sufficient to transact overseas. If you plan on shopping, raise your limit first. The process of raising this adult limit is easier to file with the issuing bank.

Contact the bank and raise your credit card limit the day before departure. Maximum preparation and maturity will make your vacation more organized and fun. Raising the limit is also a form of anticipation when something unexpected happens during the holidays as a solution to meet the urgent needs of the trip.

For the record, make sure you don’t waste your time using your credit card. If not, you might be shocked when you see the bill on his return.

Report to the Issuing Bank

You must first report to your credit card issuing bank about your trip abroad. A report is required for the bank to know that you are the one to make the transaction overseas. If not, the bank may assume that the person is not you and that the transaction is a dark transaction.

Reporting your vacation plans in advance can also help make it easier for you in case something goes wrong on the go. Examples like your credit card get cracked or even lost while in a foreign country.

Maximize your Promo

Usually, there are a number of credit card issuing banks that offer promotions such as shopping abroad. It’s also not uncommon to give bonus points for transactions you make. So just maximize the promotions your issuing bank offers on your credit card to get even more benefits.

That’s why it was mentioned at the outset that if you really like the idea of ​​shopping, you can choose a credit card that is specifically for vacation as the feature will work best for you. But then again, be wise to have fun using your credit card.